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Skill Overview

Magic is a free-to-play skill in which players cast spells either for combat, skilling, or utility purposes. It is also very useful because it allows you to easily travel across RuneScape with teleports.


Useful Items

When training magic, you should use a staff to save money on runes. Staves act as an infinite source of runes, so depending on the staff you use, you won't need that specific type of rune. For example, if you equip an air staff, you won't need any air runes in your inventory to cast spells which require air runes.

Skill Locations

- Lumbridge
- Grand Exchange

Low Level Methods

Starting out (Levels 1-25)

You will begin training magic by simply casting the best strike, bolt, or blast spells you can use at weak monsters (such as cows or goblins) in Lumbridge. If you're a very low level, you can stand behind a fence so enemies can't hit you while you attack them, also known as safespotting. You will do this until level 25.



Fast Training Methods

Fastest Training Methods (25-99)

At level 25, you can cast Varrock Teleport which gives 35 xp per cast. At level 31 you can then cast Lumbridge Teleport (41 xp per cast), and at level 37 you can cast Falador Teleport (48 xp per cast).

When you reach level 55, you can cast High Level Alchemy, which is a spell that turns items into coins. Players will often high alch from 55 all the way until 99. However, the best method is to combine both teleporting to Falador and high alching at the same time for higher xp/h - this is the fastest magic experience in free-to-play.


Profitable Methods

High Alching for Profit (55+ Magic)

Casting High Level Alchemy can actually be quite profitable. This is because the high alch price can be higher than the Grand Exchange price of some items. You will need to check the prices yourself to see which items are best for high alching at the current time.


Alternative Methods


A popular method of training magic is called splashing. This method requires a staff and runes to cast a combat spell of your choice, and a full set of melee armour (bronze is fine) to reduce your magic attack bonus so you 'splash' on the monster you're attacking.

The reason splashing is a popular training method is because you can AFK for some time while you do it. However, you will need to interact with the game once every 20 minutes. It is of course recommended that you splash on a low level monster (such as a rat or lvl 1 spider) so you don't take any damage.


Imp Catcher (875 magic experience)
Witch's Potion (325 magic experience)

Quests for XP

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