Skill Overview

Ranged is a free-to-play skill that allows players to attack enemies from a distance with bows (more ranged weapons in members).


Useful Items

When training ranged, you should always use the best bow, arrows, and ranged gear that you can use. At level 1 this would be full leather gear and a shortbow with iron arrows. At level 5 you can use an oak shortbow with steel arrows. At level 10 you can switch to a hardleather body. At level 20 switch to studded body and chaps, and a willow shortbow with mithril arrows. At level 30 you can use a maple shortbow with adamant arrows. And finally at level 40, you can use green dragonhide body, chaps, and vambrances.

Skill Locations

- Lumbridge
- Edgeville Dungeon
- Karamja

Low Level Methods

Starting out (Levels 1-20)

You will begin training ranged by killing low level monsters in Lumbridge. From 1-10 kill chickens, from 10-20 kill cows. Always train ranged using the rapid attack style for faster xp/h.



Fast Training Methods

Fastest Training Methods (20-99)

At level 20 ranged, you will start killing hill giants in the Edgeville Dungeon, you will need to buy a brass key from the Grand Exchange to enter. You can make a bit of profit here by looting their limpwurt roots, runes, and big bones. You will stay here until 40 ranged.

From levels 40-60, you will kill moss giants which can be found in the Varrock sewers. You can also make profit here from the runes they drop.

From levels 60-99 you will kill lesser demons in the Karamja volcano. Lesser demons have some decent drops such as rune med helms and runes, they can be safespotted. If you have 55+ magic, you should take runes for high level alchemy.


Profitable Methods


Alternative Methods

Ankous (70-99)

At 70 ranged, some players prefer to switch to killing ankous in the Stronghold of Security's forth level. You will need to bring food for training on ankous.


Quests for XP