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Skill Overview

Crafting is a free-to-play skill which allows players to craft ranged armour, jewellery, and other items from various materials.


Useful Items

In free-to-play, the only items required for crafting are a chisel, needle, or mould, depending on which method you’re using. If you are using a method that requires running (such as smelting gold jewellery) be sure to have no items equipped for reduced weight.

Skill Locations

Grand Exchange or bank (Cutting gems, crafting ranged armour)
Crafting Guild (Clay rocks, water source, spinning wheels)
Barbarian Village (Potter’s wheel and kiln)
Al Kharid (Furnace for smelting gold jewellery)

Ultimate Ironman
Until level 40, ultimate ironmen can use the West Varrock mine to mine clay, catch a boat to Edgeville to make soft clay at the well, walk to Barbarian Village for its wheel and kiln, then catch a boat back to West Varrock mine. By doing this, an ultimate ironman can earn 650-720 experience per run. They would proceed to using the Crafting Guild once they reach level 40.

Low Level Methods

Starting out (Levels 1-28)

To start out, you will be making leather gloves. For this you will need a needle, some leather, and some thread. You will make leather gloves from 1-7, and then switch to making gold bracelets at level 7. To make a gold bracelet, use a gold bar on a furnace while a bracelet mould is in your inventory. At level 18, you will then start making leather chaps which again requires a needle, some leather, and some thread.



Fast Training Methods

Gem Cutting (Levels 20-99)

Cutting gems is by far the fastest way to train crafting in free-to-play, but it is also very expensive. The method is pretty simple: Get a chisel, fill your inventory with uncut gems, and use the chisel on them to cut them. From 20-27 you will cut uncut sapphires, 27-34 uncut emeralds, 34-43 uncut rubies, and 43-99 uncut diamonds.


Profitable Methods

Crafting Gold Necklaces

For this method, you will need a necklace mould and some gold bars. You will go to Al Kharid and run back and forth to the bank and nearby furnace. To make the necklaces, just click the furnace with the mould and bars in your inventory and select the necklace to make them. Depending on the current prices, other gold jewellery may be more profitable, so be sure to check the prices on the Grand Exchange to see which is the most profitable currently.


Alternative Methods

Crafting Hardleather Bodies (Levels 28-99)

Hardleather bodies are a cheaper alternative to gem cutting, but it will still cost you a lot if you decide to go all the way to 99. You can make hardleather bodies the same way you would make leather bodies, but with hard leather instead.


Crafting Tiaras (Levels 23-99)

Tiaras are cheaper to make than hardleather bodies and give more experience, but it is usually hard to buy the silver bars in bulk. So unless for some reason you have many silver bars, this option probably isn’t viable.

Sheep Shearer (150 experience)
Goblin Diplomacy (200 experience)
Misthalin Mystery (600 experience)

Quests for XP

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