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10 Tips for OSRS Players (Any Level)


The first thing on my list is that you should be using cannonballs on your cannon instead of clicking on your cannon to reload it. Doing this saves game ticks and as soon as you use cannonballs on the cannon, you can instantly start attacking again. Whereas if you simply just click fire on the cannon to reload it, it uses a game tick where you can’t do anything else, and it delays your next attack.

Next up, if you buy a volcanic or a frozen whip mix from the grand exchange and you use it on your abyssal whip, it not only recolors your whip, but it also becomes an untradable. Which means that if you die while you’re out bossing our doing slayer or something like that, you actually keep it and it doesn’t count towards one of the three items you keep on death. When you die, you will keep those three items, plus your whip, no matter what. But this does not happen in PVP. If you die with the recolored with in PVP, it loses its color and an abyssal whip is dropped.


The third tip that I have for you guys, is you can actually use your ava's accumulator and use it on Lanthus, the guy in the castle wars lobby. And then once you go in the minigame, since you’re given a hood and a cape, the cape actually acts like an ava’s accumulator while you’re in there. So you can get your ammo as you shoot it, even without wearing an ava’s only in castle wars. That’s a pretty awesome tip, if you’re really into castle wars. But not many people play it these days, but I really found it kind of interesting.


Whenever you’re not wearing the full graceful set, so if you don’t have full graceful, it’s actually better to use things like the spottier cape, or the boots of lightness. Because they actually use a lower weight bonus than the other graceful alternatives.


The next tip that I have for you guys is that you should be suiciding in bosses where you think you will need more food than what you already have. Keep in mind that this won’t work at things like god wars because you need to get kill count to go in and things like that. But since the timer for items on the ground when you die is 60 minutes, you’re able to go into a boss with a full inventory of food and then purposely die and your whole invent will drop on the ground. And with that, you can go kill the boss with a fresh invent and all your gear. And then once you’re killing it, you can pick up that food off the ground and stay a lot longer than you normally would. This method is specifically really good at the King Black Dragon and also at the Corporeal Beast. One, because the King Black Dragon, you have to run through the wilderness to get there each inventory. So if you go there with no items except for food and you drop that a few times in the room. And then you go once with all your items into the room. It means you can stay there like four times as long, but you only need to risk your items once as you go in there. Only once with a normal setup. With the Corporeal Beast it’s really good because you can literally teleport straight there with a game’s necklace, and keep doing that. And since when you leave the Corporeal Beast cave that it resets its health, this really helps and really negates the possibility of running out of food and having to teleport out and having to restart the kill.


Now this one's a pretty cool one. If you want to cancel a Jad slayer task, only a Jad task, not a Tzhaar task, you can walk into the fight caves and just simply exit the fight cave and your task will be cancelled. This doesn’t use any slayer points at all so it’s a free way to skip a task. So if you get a Jad task and you don’t want to do it, never skip it, just go into the cave, and go straight out.


The next tip is one I find really easy to maneuver, especially when I’m on the Konduit client. I think Osbuddy does it as well. But every minute, there is a stat drain tick, which basically means, that any boosted stats will go down by one level every single minute. And on the client, it actually shows that game counter, and with that you should always wait to repot when your stat drops and there’s a full minute left. This makes the most out of that sip of potion and really prolongs the effect of the potion.


Now the next few tips are kind of quality of life tips. The first one is that you can press the scroll wheel on your mouse and then move it around the screen and it acts as the arrow key and it moves the camera around. Now the next tip is if you press control, hold it down, and then click somewhere, you run there, no matter what. So if you have your run energy off, and you control click, it runs you there, even when you’re run is off. But only if you have run left. This is specifically useful in the Inferno when you have to follow behind that floating rock. It helps you time how fast you need to go. But yeah that’s a pretty interesting one.


And the last shortcut key is the tab button and that replies to your most recent private message provided that you have the person added.


The second last tip of today is that you should be using bank fillers to make the structure of your bank a lot nice and easier for skilling. With bank fillers, it basically fills your bank with these red crosses. And it allows you to move items to where you wouldn’t normally be able to put them to make it really easy to do things like skilling.


The last tip, is that there are a lot of new right-click options in Oldschool RuneScape. Firstly, you can right-click the NPC Contact spell and then underneath there, it tells you the most recent person you have contacted and you can click that without having to go into the interface and find the person. It saves a lot of time. The next right-click option I’m going to talk about is the player owned house portal, can right-click it, and you can click home, building mode, friends, and that makes it a lot easier for when you’re training construction or just doing up your house. If you set your spawn point to outside your house, you teleport to your house, and then all you have to do is right-click, and go to building mode. And that actually saves time instead of teleporting in your house, and then turning on building mode. You actually save quite a few seconds by doing that. And the last one, is that you can right-click fairy rings to go to your previous location and that comes in handy for doing things like the Abyssal Sire. You can constantly keep going back to the abyssal realm, without having to look through it in the list or having to put in the code every single time you use the fairy ring.

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